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Men working, just not sure on what

The last 18 months have been full of adventure and changes for myself and my family. We've endured some struggles and overcome some challenges. I continue to battle with Chiari Malformation everyday and my menopause adventures are anything but adventurous. Yet, we have reasons to be happy and to celebrate where we are today. My oldest daughter became a mother, making me a grandmother, in early October. She and my precious grand-baby are living with us while her fiance is at basic training for the US Army. Throughout all of the excitement, as if a new baby in the house wasn't enough, we have nearly completed one heck of a remodel. How I have survived these massive life changes whilst struggling through menopause, moodiness, chronic pain, fatigue and the constant push/pull for my attention, I have no clue!

One thing that I have learned in these past several months is I have family that will move mountains, or walls, to see me happy. So that is exactly what we did. After a horrible flood from our upstairs bathroom that destroyed a good portion of the floor and ceiling in the kitchen below it we began taking down ceilings, tearing up floors, ripping out plumbing and exposing over one hundred years of mouse crap in the walls. Disgusting. We lived for many months in complete chaos. We had no kitchen and we were also down to one bathroom. That in itself was enough to cause hostility in our home. As a family, due to not having a kitchen, we had to eat out every night for several months. My kids always complain about meals I prepare regardless, however, when you take a stove and sink out of the mix they found they really had something to complain about. There seemed to be no point in even going to the grocery store. We became convenience meals, microwave dinners, pop tarts for breakfast, fend for yourself kinds of people.

As the months passed and the home began to come back together piece by piece I felt as though my sanity was also being rebuilt. Clutter and disorganization slowly turned into beautiful lighting and so much extra space we didn't have before. Don‘t get me wrong, there is still a tremendous amount of work to do on our 118 year old home. I'm thinking though we have done enough at the moment to deserve a long winters nap in our cozy new kitchen.

If I can make one suggestion to anyone considering a home renovation, move out. Even if it’s just during the demolition. Grab the kids, pets, booze and make a break for it. This has by far been the longest process; however, the space is beautiful and the memories I have made in the process will be cherished for a lifetime. I hope you all have someone in your life who is willing to move walls for you and if not, be the one to move them.

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I’ll always make time for my friends. I’m happy I could be there to offer support.


Nov 11, 2019

And you still had time for us during our little breakdown. You are awesome.

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