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Nama-stay in bed all day...

It has been twenty-two months since my lady bits were handed their eviction notice and forcefully removed from their home. Twenty-two months of healing, suffering and battling with the reality that the person I was before my hysterectomy is gone. Twenty-two months trying to get acquainted with the newer version of myself. The version that lacks estrogen, gains weight just thinking about foods she shouldn’t have, and who has extreme fatigue just getting out of bed. I’m not really a fan of this new me quite yet. Understandably so.

These past few weeks I put a great deal of thought into changing my lifestyle and making healthier choices to combat the fatigue and hormonal fluctuations. After very little research I made the commitment and bought myself a “juicer.” I was thinking this new me could possibly become one of those yoga pants wearing, green juice drinking ladies with a Fitbit on each wrist and a gym bag over her shoulder. Who am I kidding?!? I‘ll more than likely be rocking a messy bun, while wearing my finest sweats, complaining about wanting tacos and snarling at everyone who crosses my path.

So here I am...entering into week two of juicing two

meals a day and eating one healthy meal and some healthy snacks because I like food too much to

just stop eating. I’ve been able to keep myself in check with the support of family and friends. Surprisingly, I haven’t snapped on anyone and I’ve managed to stay out of jail. No starring in the “First 48” for me. The last I checked I was down 5 pounds and over the past several days I have felt some clarity in my thoughts. Because I have Chiari Malformation my pain levels are about the same; however, I am hopeful this too will ease in time. I am learning a little more about this new version of myself. For one, she doesn’t care for juiced celery, and two, she’s pretty resilient. Here’s to continued progress, learning to love myself again, and maybe rocking some yoga pants one of these days.

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